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His birth parents are not married and had a sole sexual encounter resulting in an unwanted pregnancy

His birth father did not accept any responsibility during the birth mother’s pregnancy

His birth father did not ask to attend any doctor’s appointments with birth mother

His birth father did not reimburse any medical expenses or provide financially for his birth mother which would have stopped the adoption

His birth father did not take the steps to establish paternity prior to birth which would have stopped the adoption

His birth father did not ask to be present at the hospital when he took his first breath

The lawyer waited for 6 months to obtain birth father’s consent to the adoption after he agreed to sign papers when informed of the pregnancy

Birth father suggested terminating the pregnancy when informed of the birth mother’s pregnancy

The lawyer failed to cross-examine birth father at the first trial and there was no rebuttal for birth mother to be present and defend herself

Birth father was permitted a belated appeal well past the 30 day deadline as a result of a processing error by the court.

His birth father ignored his existence on his 1st birthday and 3 Christmases

The law had never defined pre-birth abandonment to excuse the father’s lack of support prior to our Supreme Court case

His best interest and rights have been disregarded

His birth father feels hatred towards us

His birth father never requested visitation from us until well after he was strongly advised by his   attorney to do so

His birth father cared more about exercising his own rights as a putative father than protecting our son’s well being

His birth father litigated for 4 years, spending tens of thousands that could have otherwise funded his college account for the future

His birth father did not accept any responsibility or support him for the first 22 months of his life

His birth father hid his address and did not receive pictures, cards, letters, or photo album that we mailed 

His birth father claimed he just wanted to see our son 1-2x/year but is now fighting the birth mother for full custody which will damage our son’s psychological health

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